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Chasing Light: An Exploration

of the American Landscape

Chasing Light is a testament to the beauty and wonder of our national parks. It is also the story of National Parks Eminent Photographer Frank Lee Ruggles. Frank has traveled to all 50 states, hiked over 15,000 miles, venturing off the grid, disappearing into pristine wilderness for days at a time, capturing the unseen wonder of America with nothing but 42 lbs. of camera gear on his back.

Photography From Chasing Light

Frank’s award winning photographic works can be seen in galleries and public buildings across the country and now in this 256 page collection of his life’s work: Chasing Light: An Exploration of the American Landscape. Join Frank on his adventures as he chases light until the sun goes down!

5% of all Retail Sales will be donated to National Park Trust to support their youth programs that provide transformational park experiences to children from under-served communities. Visit to learn more about the National Park Trust.



Award Winning National
Geographic Photographer >


US Astronaut, Photographer, Author,
and Host of TV's "Child Genius" >


Author of the "Red Dirt Report" >

Knowhere with Frank Ruggles


Hidden deep in the landscape not far from Page, Arizona, Cardiac Canyon is one of the most beautiful slot canyons on the planet – and until now, only Navajo tribal members have explored it's beauty. Professional photographer Frank Lee Ruggles was invited to be the first to photograph the canyon and discover it's secret history. Finley-Holiday Films accompanied Frank and his Navajo guide Justin Whitehair for an amazing adventure. 

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